These hydraulic torque gauges are available in either a 6 or 8 inch face, and are equipped with a hose that can be connected to a compression or tension cell (please see below) according to the application. These assemblies are ideal for drilling contractors, well service rigs, directional projects, and most power tong requirements. The tong pulls or compresses the load cell which sends a hydraulic signal to the gauge head for an accurate and reliable torque measurement. These gauges are liquid filled to reduce wear and vibration, and include a dampener block and stem to attenuate the signal to the gauge if needed. Control Drilling torque gauges come with a secondary red “target pointer” which can be set at any desired position.

To Order Please Specify:

  • torque capacity of system
  • scale requirements (lbs, ft lbs, kg or kN)
  • tong handle length
  • working area of compression or load cell
  • length of hose
  • Box or Panel mount

Note: The “universal” tong torque gauge dial comes with the the following formula to calculate torque: TORQUE = LINE PULL X TONG LENGTH(FT). When the gauge receives a signal from the load cell, the value displayed is measured in Pounds (or metric equivalent) of line pull. The actual torque reading can be determined by multiplying THIS dial reading by the tong handle length in feet.


Control Drilling Compression Load cells are used in a wide array of applications ranging from Anchor Style Weight Indicators, to Power Tongs and Wireline Units. Our Compression Load Cells are made from top quality materials and are resilient to the harshest of environments.  The simple design with few moving parts guarantees these cells will be low maintenance.

Control Drilling is happy to offer the following compression cell sizes and replacement diaphragms for each:

  • 4.43 sq/in effective area, direct load of 7500 Lbs
  • 6.44 sq/in effective area, direct load of 5,000 lbs
  • 8.0 sq/in effective area, direct load of 7,000 lbs
  • 12.0 sq/in effective area, direct load of 10,000 lbs
  • 16.1 sq/in effective area, direct load of 30,000 lbs
  • 36.76 sq/in effective area, direct load of 60,000 lbs
  • 50 sq/in effective area, direct load of 150,000 lbs


Our tension load cells are manufactured in house to the highest possible standards and tolerances. For decades these cells have been used in numerous applications, including Weight Indicator Systems, Power Tongs, Flushby Rigs, and smaller Work Over Rigs. Control Drilling can supply all seals if field repair is an

To order, specify working area and max load.

  • 3.68 sq in effective area 15,000 lbs capacity
  • 4.08 sq/in effective area, 20,000 lbs capacity
  • 6.53 sq/in effective area, 25,000 lbs capacity
  • 10.80 sq/in effective area, 30,000 lbs capacity