CDS Drill Pipe Spinner

The CDS Drill Pipe Spinner is a new generation drill pipe tool that provides a fast, safe, and efficient spin-up or spin-out, eliminating  costly and dangerous accidents associated with the use of spinning chains.  Our unique chain gripping system transmits more torque without slipping than any competitive spinner, regardless of pipe size.

Designed to work on the tube rather than the tool joint, the position of the CDS Drill Pipe Spinner provides clearance to place the back-up tong while spinning, thus saving rig time.  Our Spinner is the lightest and smallest unit on the market today, making it easier to handle, and  less fatiguing on rig crews. Drillers and operators can say bye bye to hazardous spinning chains.  Tripping pipe is a breeze with the CDS Pipe Spinner!

The Control Drilling Pipe Spinner comes in 3 size ranges:

  • CDS Model 550 (2-7/8″ to 5-1/2″)
  • CDS Model 700 (2-7/8″ to 7″)
  • CDS Model 950 (2-7/8″ to 9-1/2″)