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Control Pipe Wiper

The Control pipe wiper is a pneumatically controlled system that conserves drilling mud and other fluids in oilfield drilling, production and workover operations. With more than ten years' field use in the United States, Canada and Europe, the Control system has proven its ability to provide improved economy, safety and efficiency in rig floor activities. This system is a major improvement over earlier methods of removing excess fluids from the drill stem.

Bell Automatic Weight Control

The Bell automatic weight control for drawworks of all types is the simplest, safest, most economical device ever designed to maintain precise weight on the bit during drilling and coring operations, at all depths and in every formation. This widely accepted unit is fully air pnuematic resulting in greater accuracy and more rapid response to changes in weight on the bit, for increased penetration and straighter hole. The Bell Auto driller can be installed on any drawworks in less than 3 hours. Exchange rebuilt components as well as in field service make this the most dependable and popular unit in Canada.

Atlas Instruments Weight Indicator Systems
Atlas Instruments Clipper Weight Indicator
Atlas Instruments Special Weight Indicator
Atlas Instruments Wire Line Anchors
Atlas Instruments Tong Torque Assemblies
Atlas Instruments Rotary Torque Gauge, Idler and Recording System
Atlas Instruments Remote Mud Pump Pressure Gauge and Protector Assembly
Atlas Instruments RPM and SPM Meters with Generators

The Atlas Instruments product line consists of:

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